KE Duplicate Bill 2024 – View and PDF Download

View your KE Duplicate bill! Just visit and enter your 13-digit account number. You can see your bill amount, and due date, and even download or print it for free.

To see your K Electric bill online, all you need is your 13-digit account number. If you’re unsure where to locate it, take a look at the picture below with the red highlighted section:

About K Electric:

K-Electric is the main electricity provider in Karachi, Pakistan. They bring electricity to homes, businesses, and industries across the city. K-Electric’s goal is to keep the lights on, ensuring people have the power they need for daily life. They manage the generation, distribution, and supply of electricity, working to make sure everyone has reliable access to energy in Karachi.

K Electric WhatsApp Service:

In today’s digital age, staying connected and accessing essential services has never been easier. K Electric (KE) understands the importance of seamless communication, which is why they offer a convenient WhatsApp service that puts the power of managing your electricity-related matters directly in your hands. This user-friendly platform offers a range of services accessible through WhatsApp, making it more convenient than ever to address your needs and queries.

Getting Started with KE’s WhatsApp Service

Connecting with KE via WhatsApp is a breeze. You have two simple options to initiate contact:

Scan QR Code: Open your WhatsApp and scan the provided QR code.

Save Number: Save the number 0348-0000118 to your contacts and send a quick “Hi” message.

KE provides this service at no cost to you. However, standard internet charges from your mobile service provider may apply.

Convenient Services at Your Fingertips

Once connected, you unlock a range of services designed to enhance your interaction with KE:

  • Duplicate Bill: Easily obtain a copy of your electricity bill and explore bill payment options.
  • Power Status: Check your current power status and report any outages or issues.
  • Billing Complaints: Lodge billing complaints without the need to visit a Customer Care Centre.
  • Load-Shed Schedule: Access your load-shedding schedule for better planning.
  • Income Tax Certificate: Obtain your income tax certificate hassle-free.
  • New Connection Guidance: Get guided through the process of applying for a new connection.
  • Download Bills: Retrieve your last six months’ electricity bills directly through WhatsApp.

Effortless Communication

KE’s WhatsApp Customer Care Services are automated and intuitive. They’re designed to provide quick and easy access to the information you need without agent interaction. However, if you ever require human assistance, connecting with KE’s helpline at 118 is equally simple.

Stay Connected 24/7

The beauty of KE’s WhatsApp service is its availability round the clock. Alongside this platform, KE extends its digital touchpoints through the KE Live App, Facebook, Twitter, and 8119 SMS.

Unlimited Accessibility

The convenience doesn’t stop there. You can download electricity bills and avail services for an unlimited number of KE accounts through this platform.

Need Help?

For any queries or assistance, feel free to reach out to KE at

K Electric Bill SMS Service

Getting started with K-Electric’s mobile service is a breeze. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Type REG (space) followed by your 13-digit A/C# (e.g., REG 0400012345678).
  • Send the message to 8119.

After sending your request, you’ll promptly receive a welcome note confirming your successful registration for K-Electric’s mobile service.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Registered users have a range of options to engage with K-Electric’s mobile service:

  • To register a technical complaint, type COMP and send.
  • For account registration details, type ACCT and send.
  • To access the load shedding schedule, type LS and send.
  • For the latest bill inquiry, type BILL and send.

Even if you’re not registered, you can still benefit from this service by including your 13-digit account number along with the keyword. For example:

  • For technical complaints, type COMP (space) followed by your 13-digit A/C#.
  • To check the load shedding schedule, type LS (space) followed by your 13-digit A/C#.
  • To inquire about the latest bill, type BILL (space) followed by your 13-digit A/C#.

Unsubscription K Electric Service

Should you wish to unsubscribe from the SMS service, it’s just as straightforward:

  • Type UNREG (space) followed by your 13-digit A/C#.
  • Send the message to 8119.

K-Electric’s mobile service empowers you with a direct line to stay informed, address concerns, and manage your electricity matters efficiently. Experience the convenience of instant connectivity and explore the future of customer service at your fingertips.

Understanding Your Tariff on K-Electric Bills: Simple Guide

You can find information about your Tariff on your K-Electric bill under the Consumer Details segment. For more detailed information, please refer to the latest applicable Tariff, which is notified by the Government of Pakistan. You can access the latest Tariff structure by visiting

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about my Tariff on my K Electric bill?

You can easily locate details about your Tariff on your K Electric bill. Look under the Consumer Details section to find this information. For a deeper understanding, you can refer to the most recent applicable Tariff, which the Government of Pakistan officially declares. To access the latest Tariff structure, visit

Is K Electric Private?

Yes, K Electric is now owned by a private company. It used to be government-owned, but that changed in 2005. Now, the government only owns a small portion of the company, and most of it is owned by private businesses or individuals.

What is the WhatsApp number for K Electric duplicate bill?

You can access your K Electric duplicate bill directly through their WhatsApp service! Save the helpline number (0348-0000118) and send “Hi” to initiate a chat. Once connected, simply request your duplicate bill and follow the prompts.

Where can I find my K electric bill account number?

Your K Electric bill account number is a unique 13-digit identification code located prominently on your bill. It’s typically found at the top of the bill or near your customer information section.

Where can I find my K electric bill account number?

Your K Electric bill account number is a unique 13-digit identification code located prominently on your bill. It’s typically found at the top of the bill or near your customer information section.

Who is the CEO of K-Electric?

The current CEO of K-Electric is Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi. Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi has over 30 years of experience in finance. He joined K-Electric in 2008 and held key positions like CFO and Company Secretary before becoming CEO in 2018.

How can you complain Kunda to K Electric?

Yes, K Electric encourages reporting of theft, fraud, irregularities, or other witnessed malpractice. You can email with details and your information.

How do I inquire about Net Metering?

For inquiries related to Net Metering, specifically designed for solar power generation, contact K Electric via email at

Where can I find my consumer number on my K Electric bill?

Your K Electric consumer number is an important 8-digit identification code located on your bill. Look for it near your customer information.  The consumer number helps identify your specific account and service connection.

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