How To Apply for K Electric New Connection Online

In this article, you’ll learn about K Electrics, and how to apply for K Electric new connection—from application, required documents, submission, tracking, and charges, to the installation process. Let’s get started!

What is K Electric and What do K-Electrics do?

K-Electric (KE) is an electricity provider company in Karachi, Pakistan. It supplies electricity connections to all residential and commercial areas in Karachi. The older name of KE is Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited. It has served over 3.5 million customers for a century. Here’s the simple process for K-Electric new connection online apply.

K-Electric Application Form For New Connection 

The first step is to fill out the K Electric application form for a new connection. You have to fill in all the required details in the form. It includes your personal information, location, details of necessary connections, and premises area.

New Connection Documents Required 

The first step is to attach the new K electric connection documents required. The following documents will be essential while form-filling.

  • Original CNIC copy of the applicant.
  • Ownership document copy or an attested copy for a new connection/extra meter.
  • CNIC copy of a witness.
  • Existing Bill Copy.
  • Sign a K Electric new connection affidavit on a stamp paper or a revenue ticket.

Below is a PDF checklist of documents that need to be submitted:

Quick Tutorial to Apply Connection Online

To fill out the new connection form, visit this website:

Click on the next button to create a new profile for a new connection. After this, you will display like this screen.

You can download the detailed tutorial here to fill out the profile file.

New Connection Tracking

The Case ID and password will be sent to your phone number once the connection form has been submitted. Using Case ID and password, you can track your status. Visit to check your status here.

New Meter Connection Charges 

After filling out a form, you need to pay a new connection fee. The charges for every single connection depend on various factors. Including the length of the service line and load and type of connection. KE charges for:

  • K Electric New Connection Charges
  • K Electric New Meter Fees

Moreover, to give you an estimate, a new connection will cost 8,500 RS if the service line is up to 20 meters long.

After approval of the application, you’ll receive an SMS. It will include K Electric’s new connection estimate and a deposit slip. You can submit your estimate and security deposit from:

  • Easy Paisa retail shops 
  • Askari Bank 
  • Faysal Bank
  • Habib Metro Bank
  • Bank Al-Habib Branches In Karachi
  • You can also deposit online or from a nearby KE customer service. 

On approval, KE will conduct a survey. They will install the connection and issue your first K-Electric new connection bill.

Reasons For Application Rejection

To avoid rejection of your application you must re-check the following list. Your application can rejected for the following reasons.

  • Remaining dues of an older connection of the area you requested.
  • The applied connection area is under construction.
  • In the Requested connection residential area commercial activities are ongoing.
  • The applicant or authorized person is unavailable who requested the connection.


Who owns k-electric now?

A group of investors including Aljomaih Power of Saudia Limited and international investors. The (66.4%) is by the KES power It is in PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange).

How does K Electric produce electricity?

It produces electricity by using renewable energy resources. Uses thermal power plants, and purchases from the national grids.

How do I check my K Electric new connection status?

You can check your connection status by using the case ID online on the KE website or the customer service of KE.

What documents are required for a new electricity connection in Pakistan?

The required documents are:

  • Your CNIC copy
  • Witness CNIC copy
  • Attested Copy for a new connection
  • Affidavit or Stamp paper
  • Existing Bill Copy

How do I register for K Electric?

To register your account you can send an SMS to 8119. In the message Type REG space AC No, For example, REG 0004768934568.

What is the cost of electricity meter connection in Pakistan?

A new meter connection can cost 8,500 RS if it is up to 20 meters of service line length.

How to apply for a new electricity meter in Pakistan?

Download an application from the KE website. Fill in the details and submit your application online or nearby customer service KE.

What is the k-electric new connection fee?

K Electric connection fee depends on the type of connection. The estimated load and length of the service line can increase or decrease the fee. 

What is the minimum bill of K Electric?

The minimum bill is 50-500 rs per month if no electricity is used.

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